Allegra Hayim has been providing Lymph Drainage Therapy to EHC-Dallas patients. The physicians at EHC-D have determined that this therapy helps many of our patients.

— William J. Rea, M.D., Environmental Medicine

Ms Hayim is a Holistic Health Practitioner with a healing touch. She uses her knowledge in a highly efficient manner. I highly recommend her for anyone with back and neck problems.

— James, Vervaina, M.D., San Diego, California

Ms. Allegra Hayim has provided excellent services for my patients for the last two years. My patients experienced tremendous relief from back and neck pain and anxiety-related symptoms.

D. Bortz, M.D.

I received Lymph Drainage Therapy from Ms. Hayim ... after only twenty minutes of treatment I experienced immediate relief from positional vertigo ... and it has not returned. Also, a patient who suffers from chronic neck pain and restricted range of motion after a cervical spine fracture, having previously been unsuccessfully treated with conventional therapies, after only one session of LDT experienced dramatic improvement. I strongly recommend LDT from Ms. Hayim, who conducts her practice in a highly professional and thorough manner.

C.L.O., M.D., F.A.C.S. -- Surgical Associates Of La Jolla

Ms Hayim has treated patients with pathologies ranging from muscular pain to edema, cystic ovaries and drainage of the face and neck following root canal treatment, all with very good results.

I personally have been treated by Ms Hayim and was very satisfied with the benefits achieved. I will continue to recommend Ms Hayim and the use of Lymphatic Drainage therapy to my patients.

Melinda Roland, M.A., R.P.T, L. Ac., O.M.D.

I have experienced Ms. Hayim's work first hand and she has treated several of my chronically ill patients with Lymph Drainage Therapy. I have found her work to be very beneficial and have seen a definite improvement in their recovery.

— D. T. Watkinson, D.C., Clinical Nutrition

I have lymphedema. I was treated twice by Ms. Hayim. I came to her because of swelling in my arm and constant numbness in my fingers. After the first session the numbness disappeared and the swelling in the arm was considerably reduced. I also experienced immediate relief from a severe headache.

The treatments were wonderful and the benefits from Ms Hayim"s treatment were tremendous. She is a wonderful and professional practitioner.

— J.S., San Diego , California

After suffering with debilitating migraines for months, I meet Allegra Hayim. After working with her, I now no longer suffer and rarely get migraines. I had several medical issues and Allegra has helped me work through neck pain, inflamation, sinus problems and muscular issues. Today, I am healthy and continue to have lymphatic drainage. It has made such a difference in my life, I highly recommend Allegra.

— M. N., Fort Worth, Texas

I suffered from chronic inflammation and pain secondary to major abdominal surgery i had several years ago. Adhesions in the abdominal wall blocked normal lymph flow that resulted in pain that was often times disabling. After one Lymphatic Drainage Therapy treatment session with Allegra, I could tell immediate results, the inflammation decreased significantly! Following treatment sessions have helped manage the inflammation and pain that I thought I might have to live with the rest of my life. I am very thankful for Allegra Hayim and would recommend her to anyone in need of treatment for adhesions that are the result of scarring from surgery or injury.

— B.P., Rockwall,Texas

I have had severe asthma for most of my life. I was taking Singulair, Advair Inhaler, Theo-Dur and Pro-Air Inhaler for my asthma. After just a few treatments with Allegra Hayim, I was able to get off all but one of my medications. I occasionally take Singulair for my allergies now. Lymph Drainage Therapy has defintely improved my quality of life.

C.C., Southlake, Texas

I became a patient of Allegra Hayim's in September 2006 after I had elbow surgery because of a sports injury. Part of the surgery included relocating the ulnar nerve in my elbow. Six months post op, I continued to have a tremendous amount of nerve pain and swelling in my left arm. After just one session of manual lymphatic drainage, I started to get relief. I was able to return to all my athletics, and I still have treatment every few weeks to keep my arm in good condition.

Ms Hayim also has used manual lymphatic drainage to treat my TMJ. I had been wearing a mouthguard at night that was made by my dentist. Allegra's TMJ treatment takes less then five minutes, and I have not worn my mouthguard or had headaches again since she started treating me.

Allegra has successfully used manual lymphatic drainage to treat other athletic injuries, including swelling in my knee and hamstrings. Last year I had a large abdominal surgery for a bowel resection. Ms Hayim has done a tremendous amount of work on my abdominal scar, and today the scar is almost nonexistent.

Allegra's manual lymphatic drainage has been invaluable to me the last five years. I would not be as healthy or able to be as physically active without her treatments.

L.D., Arlington, Texas

I received lymph drainage therapy from Allegra Hayim for edema , a complication from laproscopic surgery. I was told by my doctor there was nothing that could be done for swelling. As a result of the Lymphatic Drainage Therapy treatments from Allegra, I had about a 40% reduction in swelling and noticeable softening of the involved area.

Allegra Hayim is well trained and serious about her work. I believe Allegra is very good at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone looking for this type of lymph drainage therapy.

J.M., San Diego, California

Three weeks ago I had been given the option of treating an injured shoulder with a cortisone shot to be followed by scoping. Following the cortisone shot, I had another doctor's appointment for a totally unrelated issue. I mentioned my shoulder and was advised by this Doctor familiar with Allegra's treatments, to try Lymph Drainage therapy and referred me to Ms Hayim.

Allegra reduced the inflammation in my shoulder with my first treatment. AND I had considerably increased my range of motion with minimal discomfort. During treatment I asked Allegra about a medically diagnosed cyst on my leg that was to be surgically excised. Allegra treated the lump using Lymph Drainage therapy techniques.

Within 5 minutes the cyst was reduced from the size of a grape to the size of a small pea. The best part was that I had relief from pain in my shoulder and my leg without surgical intervention.

P.A., Dallas, Texas

Dear Allegra,

Thank you for all you have done for me throughout the past few years of my life.

Thank you for your insight, wisdom and suggestions which i value so highly.

Your skills and knowledge are what led to my recovery and I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude to you.

T.P., Azle, Texas

I have employed numerous therapies for relief of my environmental sensitivities, such a ssaun, antigens, IV, chiropractic, nutritional, supplementation, acupuncture and energy work.

All have contributed toward my level of wellness.

You can imagine my surprise and amazement when just one treatment of Lymphatic Drainage therapy, at this point in my recovery, resulted in a deep detox which lasted for several days and a significant release of toxic fluids that had been stored in congested lymphatic fluid.

By significant, I mean about 4 lbs of fluid release.

Consistent, regular Lymphatic Drainage therapy from Allegra Hayim has been vital to maintaining a constant level of detox capability and it is my belief that having these noxious fluids constantly draining will reduce my load further and facilitate another level of healing.

I have noticed that Allegra's technique of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy has improved my mood, bowel and digestive functions and my vision and thinking seem clearer after each treatment.

B.F., Dallas, Texas

Allegra Hayim is a highly trained and effective practitioner of lymphatic drainage therapy (LDT). I have benefited from LDT for both acute and chronic conditions. I travel frequently and know the symptoms of an on-coming cold: raspy throat, tingling sinuses, etc. LDT treatment either stops the cold in its tracks or severely reduces its symptoms and duration. After three such experiences, I won’t hesitate to see Allegra whenever I sense an on-coming cold. As a result of 4 ACL reconstructive knee surgeries, my knees were chronically inflamed and frequently sore. Weekly LDT treatments have reduced the swelling, increased the mobility and decreased the chronic pain in my knee joints.

— Dallas,Texas

After suffering with TMJD, headaches, and cervical neck pain for many years, I experienced an acute exacerbation of symptoms. I had such inflammation, edema, and pain that I was on a "no chew" diet, and felt my health rapidly deteriorating (I could only sleep sitting up!).

After just three sessions with Allegra, all of the above were dramatically improved. Without Allegra's expert intervention, I can only guess how long I would have had to endure this grueling situation. Such a wonderful result - and accomplished with a gentle, healing touch.

— Vicki B., Dallas,Texas

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